The Story

Act One, Scene One

– Queen Street, Auckland. Present day. (Jupiter)

Life rolls by, one day into another. Everyone absorbed into their own routines, their media, their jobs. They are happy, oblivious of what they are missing. All that is, but one man. He feels somewhere in the back of his mind, that something is missing, but can't quite put his finger on what.

Luna, Goddess of the Sun and Moon descends upon our regular folk. She watches as they pass her by, unseen. She knows they are in need of her help but only one can be chosen. One ordinary human to instil a sense of fun, imagination, and wonder into his too busy and grey life. By Magic, she conjures her Sprite and directs him to the one who is worthy. The Sprite awakens him, and so his journey begins… the journey into the Imaginarium.

– The Journey (Ghost Train)

The man is suddenly thrown into a vortex that transports him to a new world, guided by the Sprite, he makes his his unsteady way through a dark and unknown journey full of smoke, light and sound.

Act One, Scene Two — The Land of Make Believe

– The Magical Garden (Appalachian Spring)

Out of the dark and into the light, he finds himself in a glorious del, filled with fairies and dancing flowers. As he watches the Fairies play, a memory stirs of a life long ago, one where he was but a child.

– Playtime (Foundry)

As if reading his mind, some children appear, and they invite them into their game of War Hero's and Ninjas.

Act One, Scene Three — The Land of Creativity and Curiosity

– Creative's Create (Turbo Scramjet)

Suddenly he is left alone, chattering filling his ears. Some buskers greet him as they set up their craft. Then some more, then more. The street begins to fill with people enjoying the display of talent and craftsmanship, He starts to recall a time when artistry brought him this sort of joy. A magician enters and plays a magic trick that transports him into a never-ending river.

– Calm and Tranquility (Two Trees)

In this river he finds water nymphs who dance for him and beckon him to join them. He feels a sense of calm, and before long is dancing with them, but all too soon they are gone. he stands alone in the river, and just before the waters take him off on his next journey, he spies Luna, the goddess, dancing above him. Who is she, and why did she choose him?

– The Imaginarium Comes to You (Land of Make Believe)

As Luna finishes her Dance, and the Man is being transported to his next destination, the Imaginarium awakens, will it take over you?

Act Two, Scene One — The Land of Passion

– Sand and Fire (Arabesque)

Our Chosen One follows Luna into a desert. She is always one step ahead of him and he can never quite get to her, and just as he thinks he has her in his grasp, she is gone again. Why does her want to be near her so badly? What is it about her.

– Heat and Passion (The Symphonic Gershwin / Mambo)

Luna's Sprite appears again and leads him into a bar full of merriment and frivolity. People dance and drink and enjoy a lust for life. In this moment, he spies a woman who wishes to take his attention. One who would have him for herself. But Luna will not allow it, and a battle of wills ensues as they dance a Pas De Troix.

– Nightmare (Overture to “Candide”)

Angry that he has strayed from his journey Luna casts a spell that takes him from they joyful bar and into a nightmare where nothing is how it should be and faces are all the same.

Act Two, Scene Two — The Land of Confusion

– Circus Life (The Ringmaster’s March)

Waking with a start from his nightmare, he finds himself in the centre of a circus ring and gleefully plays the clown along with an array of colourful characters, clowns and acrobats. At this point he really starts to understand the lesson that is being given to him. Colour and creativity giving joy to all.

– Lights, Camera, Action! (Viktor’s Tale)

From explosion of colour, to black and white… can we still have creativity without colour? In this sudden new setting he meets entertainers who create joy and craft in the dullest of settings, the black and white screen. But then he spies a glimmer of colour… the one he's been waiting for.

Act Two, Scene Three — Homecoming

– The Court (Pavane)

Luna has descended from her perch on-high. he is now worthy to dance with her, and among other courtiers, they dance a meaningful Pas de Deux, meant only for them.

– Homecoming (Hymn to the Sun)

It is clear now. He understands what the Goddess is giving him. She is returning his ability to use his imagination, to create and build. to use colour and light in his everyday life. The Lesson is learnt, but what will he do with it?

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