Hymn To The Sun – With the Beat of Mother Earth

Composer: Satoshi Yagisawa

Composition Notes

Hymn to the Sun was commissioned by Tokai City Wind Music Band for their 40th anniversary celebration. In their request to the composer, they wrote: "For 40 years we did our activity as if we were a family. We had new experiences, welcoming new members, supporting and helping one another, sometimes having troubles. Through these experiences, the band became our Sun. With the piece, we would like to express our enthusiasm for progress, taking over the early members’ will." Yagisawa played in a school band as a child and strongly identified with the theme. He decided to drop in on the band almost every time he went to Nagoya, and built a lasting friendship with them.

Because of the strong community spirit that exists in the West City organisation (now in its 43rd year), it seems very fitting to close our performance with this exciting work.

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We hope you enjoy the show!

The online programme will be available again during the intermission and after the show.