Chad Davenport

Conductor, West City Concert Band

Chad Davenport has been the Musical Director of West City Concert Band since 2014. Chad grew up in the American band scene near Atlanta, Georgia and started conducting bands at the age of 15. After completing a BA Music Education from Anderson University (Indiana), he spent several years co-directing a large intermediate band programme and tutored some of the finest high school bands in Georgia, Indiana and California. Chad became Music HOD at Liston College soon after arriving in New Zealand. Since then, he has played a key role in launching several new band programmes in west Auckland. He currently teaches woodwinds and percussion, and conducts six intermediate and high school bands. He also plays saxophone in the West City Sax Quartet and West City Jazz Orchestra. Chad is passionate about creating opportunities for people to make music together and helping people reach their full potential. He also enjoys creating innovative performances for audiences to enjoy.

Outside the realm of music, Chad can often be found working in the garden, tramping or setting off on a sightseeing adventure with his wife, Diane.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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